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SmartX Connected Products Pvt. Ltd.

is 2017 registered Internet of Things (IoT) start-up headquartered at Chennai. Since inception, we have been passionate about solving real world business problems and hand-holding our clients while building scalable wireless products. We provide product architecture and design services to our customers by understanding their conceived idea and converting into working prototypes. Be in ideation or brainstorming session, our professionals always take up the challenges posed by clients to optimize the development process delivering well researched product.

The spectrum of our design service covers electronics circuit development, printed circuit board (PCB) design, wireless hardware development, system integration, radio technology based hardware and firmware application development, customized antenna design, etc. Cloud based hardware-server integration with multiple radio protocols being implemented by us, delivering IoT monitoring and control dashboards along with mobile applications in just-in-time mode. Rapid prototyping to prove a concept has been one of the core activities we have been focusing on, where clients come up with their idea and we deliver a product in minimum time possible. We have a vision to drive “True” Make-in-India via creating vibrant IoT ecosystem with multiple interdisciplinary and interdependent partners.

CEO & Founder

SmartX Connected Products Pvt Ltd



IoT Hardware

Clean & Minimalistic Design

SmartX approach to wireless hardware product development is to have modular design with efficient embedded architectural methodologies adopted keeping future scalability in mind. Design and development of internet connected multiple sensor based data acquisition, system/process monitoring, control systems, etc. need customized hardware suitably designed for each use case and catered to solve a specific problem.

We adopt certain advanced techniques with power saving technologies incorporated to design and develop low power small form factor (miniature/wearable patch) hardware wireless products which can be used for both sensor data acquisition and control of actuators.

Smart ECG Device

BLE Enabled & 5-lead ECG

User Friendly ECG Device. Smartx designed 5 lead and 3-Channel continuous monitoring and event analyzer is best suited for post-operative and elderly patients. Compact Wearable form-factor, portable for easy mobility.

Mobile/Web Application based monitoring system for both doctors and patients. Cloud based health care service and medical workflow and it's of lowest cost for Indian Market

Client Products

Customized Hardware & Affordable Pricing

Quantitative Real Time PCR and Fluorescence Imaging Device

Cloud Kitchen - India's First Meal-Maker Machine.
Sleep/Breathing and Activity Monitoring - UWB Radio Enabled Prototype Development
Home Automation - Soft Touch Switches/Fan Regulator, Smart-phone Charger, Wireless Remote Controller
Vital Parameter Monitoring System - Wireless Enabled Primary Healthcare Service Kit


IoT Mobile APP Developement

  • Build Mobile APPs From Web Browser

Use of smart phone has become ubiquitous. It is really a great thing to remotely connect and communicate with whole world of physical objects by sitting at one place. To connect and communicate with others and other objects, APPs are being built at scale. To add value to mobile based software revolution, SmartX has developed a state-of-the-art low-code-development-platform (SmartOOPs) where anyone can build any kind of IOT hardware eneabled mobile application, that amalgamates many smart phone hardware sensors as well. The APP development time is amazingly reduced to 25% in compared to concventional methods adopted in industry.

The architectural beauty of SmartOOps platform is everything is UI based where any developer dont need to write much code to create an api rather just do basic drag and drop and develop the APP.

IoT Web Developement

  • Create Applicaions in SmartWay

A web application or web app is a client-server computer program which the client (including the user interface and client-side logic) runs in a web browser and stores all the data in SmartOOPs server (database).

To create any kind of IoT based Web application SmartX lunched a dynamic platform as SmartOops where any one can create application in 25% of time and effort than conventional way developers adopts in industry. SmartOOPs empowers a developers focus on business logic while all other componets of the web-applications are already template to drag-drop and build in very much profesisonal way

IoT System Integration

  • Any Device Any Protocol, We Integrate Better

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SmartX Connected Products Pvt.Ltd
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